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Ancient Building + Living Church

Within Brindle is the ancient building & living church of Brindle St. James.

The oldest parts of the present building are the church tower and the Cavendish Chapel which is on the left of the main chancel. These date from the 15th century. 

The Church Tower was built of grit-stone circa 1500. Two of the original bells still hang in the tower and are rung every week of the year. Six bells hang in the tower today.

A turret clock made in 1637 by Thomas Kirkall of Bolton le Moors was removed in 1967 and loaned to Liverpool City Museums. The present clock is driven by an electric motor.

In medieval Britain few people could read or write. As a consequence the Church used images and pictures to help the general population to learn and understand Christian teachings. 

There are thirteen stained glass windows of various sizes and designs in the church. These windows serve as memorials to those who worshipped at this church. Some of the finest in the Blackburn Diocese, we understand they may date back to around 1880.

Many Biblical stories and events were depicted in Church carvings, stained glass windows and in wall paintings. Included within these religious artworks many symbols represent aspects of Christian teaching. 

The brass chandelier lights were given by the people of the parish in 1792 - these days lit by electricity in place of candles.

The ‘Gifts to the Village School’ board are probably 18th century.

A Walker positive organ was presented to the church in 1963. The choir stalls were installed in 1968.

While no wall paintings have survived at St. James’ there are examples of religious symbols throughout the church. The dove represents the Holy Spirit. Fishes on our font represent the Christian faith. The eagle with spread wings represents divine inspiration and the spreading of the Gospel. Our shell is the symbol of St. James - fisherman and friend to Jesus.

The earliest gravestones are outside the Vestry. All our gravestones record the lives and deaths of Brindle residents over the years. The graveyard around the church is now full and a new consecrated graveyard is on the other side of Water Street.

There are many rectors listed as having served over the centuries. The longest serving ministered for 71 years from 1651 to 1722.

We are a dynamic church made up of people from all walks of life and from different nations. We love to see new people and are confident that you will feel at home. Our Sunday mornings begin with a warm welcome and an invitation to join us in celebrating and praying to our Lord. There are worship prayer books and service sheets to guide us in our prayers. If you need assistance, please ask. Our worship often includes singing and hymns as we lift up His name together.

We are also very active in our local community and many teams of volunteers express the love and grace of God in a practical way. You can find out more about us on these pages, and on Twitter & Facebook.