David 2

From 5th October 2021 there will be no requirement to book a service in our church building. However, please do get in touch if you are new to church (or returning after some time) to make sure that you receive email notices and zoom links. 
Those who require proof of attendance in order to support Faith School Applications do need to register to add an email address to the Brindle St. James' church database. Please complete the get in touch form or take a look at the contact us page. All necessary GDPR requirements will be satisfied. Please note that attendance doesn't guarantee a place at your school of choice.
To further assist us, I would remind all parents to note the requirements for attendance as required by the school to which you will apply. If the attendance criteria is twice each month, over a two year period, this equates to 48 attendances, therefore, to attend each week for one year (even if providing 48 attendances) does not satisfy the important criteria of the period of time over which attendance is required. If you are concerned please get in touch.
In an effort to provide flexibility, we are offering many opportunities to worship. Details are in the Brindle Voice magazine each month and on the online calendar.
Whilst this is a significant change in the procedures adopted during the pandemic, please note that:
We will continue to ask folk to sanitise as they arrive and leave church.
We will continue to ‘fogg’ the church when there is less that 72 hrs between services.
We will continue to ask people to wear masks on entering and leaving church and also when circulating during the administration of communion.
We will continue to offer communion in one kind only.
Finally, we strive  to ensure a suitable environment is available to all who come to worship and allow each of us to grow in our individual faith journey. There will always be a warm welcome to all who come to St James’.